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What Is Traction Therapy?

Mechanical Traction is when a patient is placed in the machine secured by straps and a gentle longitudinal pull separates the spine for the relief of nerve irritation or muscle spasm.  Traction is helpful for those who suffer from lower back and neck pain.

How Traction Therapy Can Help?

There are two types of traction in physical therapy, manual and mechanical.

Manual traction is when a physical therapist uses manual force on the joints and muscles to distract or widen the spaces between the vertebrae.

Mechanical spinal traction is used to treat bulging or herniated discs, sciatica, degenerative disc disease or spinal stenosis, pinched nerves causing radiating pain, numbness or tingling, and many other spinal conditions.

In combination with other physical therapy treatments, many patients experience tremendous success with spinal traction from the reduction of pain and radiating symptoms to improved spinal alignment, decompressed joints, relaxation of spastic muscles and increased mobility.

For more information, please feel free to call our office or contact us.  Our expert physical therapy team will evaluate you for the best modalities to target your injuries.