“Marlboro physical therapy is the best place to go for therapy. The owner and her staff are very friendly and efficient. I would rate them with a rating of 10.”

~Grace S. (Facebook)

“The best place to heal your aching body. Caring professionals will take care of you with patience, knowledge, and understanding your needs.
I give Marlboro Physical Therapy 10 stars !!!”

~Rocio P. (Facebook)

“Dr. Reshma has been my therapist and she is great. All of the staff is extremely kind and gentle with you. The place is clean and appears to be extremely sanitary. I would recommend anyone who needs PT to come here. I had extensive neck surgery and definitely feel like I am getting better due to the care I receive.”

~F.M. (Google)

“I have used Marlboro PT several times now for my hip, shoulder, and back. I can not say enough about them. They are the absolute best! The front desk, assistants, and therapists make you feel like family and give top notch care! They treat the whole you in mind, body and spirit! I don’t know what I would’ve done without them!”

~Jodi A. (Facebook)

“I hurt both of my shoulders in the gym. Saw an orthopedic surgeon, who after X-Rays and MRIs decided that I should try the physical therapy route before considering surgery. I didn’t have high hopes of PT fixing my pain, and just thought we were delaying the inevitable surgery. I was so wrong!! After 8 weeks, I can say I am probably at 90% and on my way to being 100% fixed. The staff at Marlboro PT was wonderful. Reshma and Shannon did a fantastic job leading my 3 times a week recovery plan. They provided me with a very flexible schedule, even if it meant handing me off to other Physical Therapists for my planned session. Rumona and Maggie always did a great job substituting for Reshma when required. I always looked forward to my appointments, the exercise plan made me feel like I was in the gym, and even prepared me for knowing how to deal with working out with a mask when the gyms were reopened! The front office staff made billing and scheduling tasks extremely easy and efficient. Overall, they treat you like a good friend or family, I fully recommend Marlboro Physical Therapy, they will make you feel better!”

~Bill E. (Google)

“My name is Mark Capell. A year ago, I was a competitive baseball player striving to be able to find a future place to play in college. Unfortunately, that goal was put aside for a while due to an elbow injury I got from throwing. Physical therapy was needed in order for me to get back to where I want to be. I found Marlboro Physical Therapy online as a great, affordable place to try, and honestly I loved it. With the help of Dr. Rumona and the rest of the team, I was able to develop strength by doing realistic baseball throwing movements they designed just for me! Fast forward to today, I have recently just committed to Yale University to continue my academic and baseball career. I can honestly and happily say that Dr. Rumona and Marlboro Physical Therapy helped me greatly in getting my elbow stronger and healthier, and I would not be where I am without them!”

~ Mark C. (Google)

“I went to Marlboro PT for maybe 2-3 months for a bad case of tendonitis Maggie, my primary therapist, was outstanding, as was Judy and the other folks who helped me. I am 100% better, doing my stretches, and ready to get back to paying basketball when the virus situation is resolved and I can do it All because of Marlboro PT–THANK YOU!!”

~Mark T. (Facebook)

“Just finished my 12 visits and I’m sad to leave. Every staff member makes you feel special and they get to know you on a personal level. They really care about you and your health! Ben, Rumona and Maggie are phenomenal! I highly suggest going here if you need Physical Therapy!”

~Justin D. (Facebook)

“I am a 75 year old man – had a shoulder rotator cuff problem. I couldn’t move my right hand back towards my back. Had problem taking shower, getting dressed, sleeping on right side. My primary physician wrote Rx to get physical therapy. My wife recommended that I go to Marlboro Physical Therapy. She had been there for physical therapy and was happy with the service. Its also near where we live. So I went and was pleasantly surprised with the services provided by an experienced professional therapist (Rumona) and a student (Mark) who was an intern there. The place is clean, very friendly and very professional. They have curtain booths (as in hospital rooms) for privacy. They have all the equipment necessary to provide the therapy. The Admin staff is courteous and make appointments, they call 24 hours before your appointment to remind you, and accommodate your request if you need to make a change in your schedule. The evaluation and extent of my injury was done correctly and treatment plan was right on the mark – I started healing quickly and was completely healed in 4 weeks – meeting 3 times a week. I was very happy with the experience and would recommend to anyone.”

~Ved C. (Google)


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