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What kind of care can I expect from Marlboro Physical Therapy?

We pride ourselves on our high-quality service, including personalized one-on-one time with a Physical Therapist, flexible appointment times, rehabilitation programs focusing on efficiently achieving therapy goals, and constant communication with patients and their physicians.  At the same time, we also expect a lot of our patients as well.  This means following the home Physical Therapy exercises as prescribed by the Physical Therapist, punctuality with appointments, and a positive attitude towards their recovery.  Our team of therapists, along with your physician, and YOU work together to help you achieve your goals.

Do I need a referral?

To receive physical therapy, most states, no longer require a prescription from your physician.  This new law, known as DIRECT ACCESS, allows you to see a Direct Access certified physical therapist immediately, so that you can get the out-patient physical therapy care you need.  Most health insurances cover physical therapy obtained by using Direct Access. After a set period of time, a referral is needed by a medical doctor.  Some health insurers require a doctors referral.

Our physical therapists are well-qualified, both through formal education and clinical training, to evaluate a patient’s condition, assess his or her physical therapy needs and, if appropriate, safely and effectively treat the patient. Our physical therapists can also recognize when patients demonstrate conditions, signs and/or symptoms, that should be evaluated by other health care professionals before therapy is instituted and will refer you accordingly for further consultation as needed.

What do I need to bring with me for my first appointment?

You will need these things:

  1. Your Insurance card
  2. Prescription from your physician for Physical Therapy
  3. If you have an HMO insurance that requires a referral, your must have a written referral form from your primary care physician, The referral must say “Marlboro Physical Therapy.”
  4. Print out the patient forms, fill them out, and bring them with you.
  5. In case of an automobile accident or worker’s compensation claim, also bring any case manager or insurance adjuster contact names, phone numbers, and claim number.
  6. Payment for first visit: co-payment, deductible based on your insurance plan.
  7. Be prepared to provide your previous medical or surgical history. If you have them and if they are relevant bring scan/MRI reports, and list of medication.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, debit card, and credit card. We are happy to discuss payment plan options as well. It is our policy that payment is made at the time of service. Your insurance benefits will be determined before your first visit, and you will be informed of what, if any, payment is necessary on that date.

It is recommended that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to complete all the necessary paperwork.

It is advisable to dress comfortably to allow access to the involved area. Shorts are recommended for knee, ankle, or foot conditions. Women can wear a halter top or sports tank top for neck or shoulder conditions. You may be asked to wear a medical gown opened in the back to expose the neck or low back.

An initial evaluation will be performed by a physical therapist. This person will be your primary therapist and is responsible for setting up your goals and plan of care.  After your evaluation is completed, TREATMENT WILL BE STARTED ON THE FIRST VISIT.  There is always ample time allotted to answer any questions you may have regarding your condition.  At the conclusion of your visit, you will be asked to schedule follow-up appointments based on your needs and availability with the front office staff.

Typically, the first evaluation session lasts for 1 hour 15 minutes. Each session after that may be 45-60 minutes. The amount of time will be based on your specific needs, and your therapist will discuss this with you.

Each patient’s diagnosis is different, so together with your referring physician, your therapist will develop a plan of care that is right for you. Your plan of care and number of visits will be determined during your first visit and explained to you by your physical therapist.

Yes, once you have completed your therapy sessions, your therapist will review your continuing home exercise program and guide you as to what additional exercises would be helpful in your continued recovery.  We also offer our Vitalize Fitness Program which allows you to continue to work out at our facility under the supervision and guidance of the physical therapist.  This is even better than a gym, as your care is ALWAYS SUPERVISED BY A PROFESSIONAL.   We also offer Therapeutic Massage Therapy which can help to relieve continued symptoms of muscle & joint pain, tension, stress, & headaches once you are discharged from physical therapy.  This will help your body achieve balance and optimal health. 

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